American Civics Center

Safety is our #1 Priority

Since the Center’s founding in 2004, the safety of our program participants has always been our first priority. The quality of our staff, training, events and accommodations help ensure American Civics Center (ACC) students experience a program that is as safe and secure as it is fun and educational.

American Civics Center - HS Students at WWII Memorial


Our main hotel partner is Marriott.  Properties are chosen carefully and provide accommodations that are safe and secure. Our program hotels have internal security.  In addition, ACC provides night chaperones in hotel hallways for student safety during the evening and overnight hours.


Program activities, study visits and outings take place across the city. Groups travel mostly by charter bus but sometimes move via public subway metro and by foot while on program.

Program staff are trained to facilitate safe transfers from one destination to the next and count on chaperones to assist with security lines, transit and walking transfers throughout the city.

ACC partners with charter bus companies for program. Charter bus companies must maintain $5,000,000 in liability insurance coverage and comply with all U.S. Department of Transportation and state regulations.  Local drivers know the city well and work with program staff to ensure the safety of all participants on program during bus transfers.

Program Activities

Students are accompanied by an ACC staff member, or a school chaperone at all times while on program-sponsored activities. Program participants never travel through the city individually and are expected to stay with the group during the entirety of the program.  Sometimes, smaller subgroups are established for an independent museum visit and site exploration time. Program participants are expected to wear their nametags at all times while on program. Students should use their nametag holder to store their daily schedule, which contains a program helpline number for students and chaperones if they are in need of assistance.

During program-sponsored activities, students may always contact the program help line for assistance or may look for an ACC staff member in the pre-determined ‘safety spot’ in each location. The program manager or an ACC staffer will have a first-aid kit accessible during all program activities.

ACC expects students to adhere to the code of conduct for student participants. If issues arise with student behavior during the program, students may be taken off program and their parents may be contacted.   

ACC’s Civic Education Program requires each student to recognize his or her responsibility to the larger participant group during program by adhering to the following code of conduct:

  • Students must not enter the guest room (defined as the threshold of the door inward) of a student of the opposite gender at any time.
  • Students must not smoke.
  • Students must not possess and/or use drugs other than those prescribed by a doctor.
  • Students must not possess and/or use alcohol.
  • Students must not possess and/or use firearms or other weapons.
  • Students must not abuse or steal property.
  • Students must respect the physical person of and diversity of opinions expressed by other participants, speakers and staff. 
  • Students must cooperate with program staff at all times.

Violations of any of these (or other program) rules subject you to immediate dismissal from the Program.  In case of such a rule violation, parents and teachers will be notified, and you may be sent home immediately.  Students are expected to comply with all local, state, and federal laws

Insurance ACC maintains a professional liability insurance policy for all its operations.  We can provide teachers and school safety officials with a copy of our current certificate of insurance coverage.