American Civics Center

The American Civics Center’s Mission

Prepare citizens for active and responsible participation in democracy.

American Civics Center High School Program - Lincoln Memorial


The American Civics Center is an innovative, nonpartisan force in citizenship education dedicated to providing quality, affordable, and accessible programs that encourage participants to learn about history, government, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

Extra trip to WilliamsburgBeliefs

  • Citizenship is not only a right; it is a responsibility requiring skills that must be taught and learned.
  • Responsible citizenship is necessary within each nation and its practice promotes mutual understanding among nations in the global community.
  • Political and historical literacy, active participation, and civil discourse are the hallmarks of engaged citizenries, successful democracies and civil societies.
  • Democracy provides all citizens with capacity for growth.
  • Learner-centered civics and history education is most effective when supported by research validated teaching practices.